////Ungula Naturalis SOS Cracked Heel

Ungula Naturalis SOS Cracked Heel


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Ungula Naturalis SOS Cracked Heel 280ml

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SOS Cracked Heel 100% Natural is designed to:
-help the healing process of cracked heels
-help the healing process of any open skin injuries where the skin needs to remain supple due to its location eg over joints, corner of mouth etc…
-provide a barrier against moisture
-have a drying action

-Clean and dry the lesion and apply a layer of balm twice a day on the affected area
-Always apply before working the horse

Maintenance product, external use only.

Peruvian balsam, calendula, officinalis extract, allantoin, aloe vera, mother of pearl, essential oils, shea butter, vegetable oils, vaseline, seaweed extratcs.

Available in a 280ml tub.


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