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NAF PROFEET Hoof Moist Black – 900g


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NAF PROFEET Hoof Moist Black

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Unpredictable seasons with bursts of dry and wet spells means the hoof has to withstand constant change throughout each year. This change puts the hoof at risk due to the moisture content unable to stabilise which can result in hooves becoming prone to cracks, splits and further distresses. A hoof moisturiser will help to sustain the desired water content while enabling the hoof to further breath successfully.

PROFEET Hoof Moist is designed to address those arid conditions that lead to moisture losses in the hoof horn. As a moisturiser that is oil and grease free.

PROFEET Hoof Moist can help sustain the moisture content of the hoof that can be applied with ease daily.

PROFEET Hoof Moist can help you:

– Hydrate their hooves

– Maintain the moisture content

– Prevent unnecessary splitting/cracks appearing

– Does not contain a seal or barrier to enable the hoof to breathe

– Recommended in dry, arid conditions

Water based cream, containing Eucalyptus Oil, designed to hydrate the hoof without creating a seal or barrier around the outer wall, allowing it to breathe and sustain the moisture balance of the hoof through natural fluctuation

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